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Many people look to the United States for protection when they do not feel safe in their home countries. Asylum may be granted if someone has faced persecution in their home country or legitimately fears they will be persecuted if they return home. Obtaining asylum status can be extremely difficult, especially without capable legal representation.

At Lively Law Firm, we are passionate about obtaining relief for foreign nationals seeking safety in the United States. Our Charlotte asylum lawyers have extensive experience handling both affirmative and defensive cases. 

We have won asylum cases for clients from Mexico, Central America, Africa, China, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and many other countries around the world. We have also successfully procured asylum status for clients fearing persecution on the basis of religion, domestic violence, political opinion, membership in a particular social group, and other protected grounds. Our legal team is compassionate to the stress and uncertainty you are likely experiencing and will do everything possible to secure the protection you deserve. 

If you are in the process of leaving your home country or do not feel safe returning, do not hesitate to call (980) 332-2225 or contact us online to discuss your asylum options. We serve clients nationwide and offer our legal services in English and Spanish.

Who Is Eligible for Asylum Status in the United States?

Asylum law is complicated and constantly changing. However, asylum status can also provide powerful protection to someone who would otherwise face harm in their home country. 

A foreign national can only qualify for asylum status in certain types of scenarios. Most importantly, a person must have experienced persecution or reasonably fear future persecution on the basis of their race, religion, nationality, political beliefs, or membership in a particular social group in their home country. Persecution on other grounds will not qualify someone for asylum.

For purposes of asylum eligibility, “persecution” may take the form of arbitrary imprisonment, violence, threats of violence, or any other violations of human rights. Acts of persecution do not need to be perpetrated by a government if a municipality’s government will not or cannot control an organized, unaffiliated force.

You may be able to obtain a grant of asylum even if no specific threats have been made against you or your family. Proving there is a pattern of persecution in your home country may be enough. Our Charlotte asylum attorneys can assess your circumstances and advise whether you have a strong case.

There are two types of asylum: affirmative and defensive. The type of asylum someone seeks will depend on their current location.
You can voluntarily seek affirmative asylum if you are already physically present in the United States. In most cases, you will need to proactively submit your application within one year of arriving in the country, though there are some limited exceptions. 
If you are not already in the United States, you will need to seek defensive asylum. Many choose to seek asylum defensively at the border or various U.S. points of entry. Defensive asylum can also be used as a deportation defense. 

A grant of asylum status allows you, your spouse, and your children (unmarried and under the age of 21) to live and work anywhere in the United States. After one year of receiving your status, you and your loved ones can also apply for green cards. These visas confer lawful permanent residency and provide a potential path to citizenship. 
Our team at Lively Law Firm knows how to effectively approach affirmative and defensive cases. If you feel you are in danger or worry you will be if you return to your country of origin, our Charlotte asylum lawyers can provide the knowledgeable and empathetic guidance you need to move forward.

We are ready to fight for your right to asylum protection. 
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