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Deportation proceedings can happen unexpectedly. Non-citizens who have resided in the United States for many years may suddenly learn they are being targeted for removal. If you have been detained or received a Notice to Appear, you will need legal professionals who are committed to protecting your future in the country.

At Lively Law Firm, we have a track record of successfully advocating for our clients. We won every case we took to court in 2021, and our team is ready to put our experience to work for you. Our Charlotte deportation defense lawyers passionately represent our clients in removal proceedings and are familiar with a wide spectrum of relief strategies. 

We urge you to engage our firm as quickly as possible once you learn you are being targeted for removal. This gives us the time we need to thoroughly analyze your case and prepare the best possible defense. 

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Who Can Be Deported or Removed?

Any person without valid status is at risk for deportation. Visa holders, including lawful permanent residents, may also be placed in removal proceedings if they violate a condition of their visas. 

Non-citizens may be targeted for removal if they:

  • Are detained or arrested by a non-immigration law enforcement agent
  • Are involved in a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raid
  • Are convicted of a deportable offense, such as an aggravated felony or serious misdemeanor
  • Overstay their temporary visa (such as an employment or student visa)

What to Do When ICE Arrests a Loved One

Within 48 hours of an arrest, ICE must decide whether to detain the non-citizen or release them on bond. When noncitizens are in ICE custody, they are transferred to a designated regional location (typically the Stewart Detention Center for residents of Charlotte). This can be scary and stressful, as you may have trouble contacting your detained loved one or getting information from government officials. 

If a noncitizen loved one is detained by ICE, do not wait to seek legal guidance. Our team at Lively Law Firm can quickly determine whether your family member is eligible for a bond, submit a bond petition, and request a timely hearing before an immigration judge. We will work to get your loved one released as soon as possible.

In some cases, a non-citizen that is being targeted for removal will not be detained or arrested. They may instead only receive a Notice to Appear (NTA), an official court summons that will explain the grounds for removal. Again, you should immediately retain legal representation if you or a loved one receives an NTA.