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Waivers are a procedural mechanism to request forgiveness from the United States government for past transgressions.

Requesting a waiver can be a long and difficult process for clients. Depending on which waiver is being applied for, it can mean heavy documentation that requires weeks or months of preparation. Understanding if you qualify for a waiver and if it’s required can be the difference between being permitted to enter or remain in the United States or being forced to wait outside of the United States for ten years or more.

There are several circumstances in which foreign nationals require a waiver if they want to immigrate into the United States—including, but not limited to:

  • Criminal Convictions
  • Entering the country without a visa
  • Living in the United States without authorization
  • Immigration fraud and misrepresentation

Ashley E. Lively has extensive experience helping foreign nationals seek waivers for immigration purposes. Contact us for more information about how our waivers and consular processing lawyers in Charlotte can assist you.

Consular Processing

Some foreign nationals are required to consular process through a U.S. embassy or Consulate outside of the United States before legally entering the country.

Being separated from your family or employer during this time can be difficult. The assistance of a knowledgeable attorney can streamline the process and ease the nerves of your family. Most consular processing cases begin with a Petitioner, which can be certain family members or employers who are seeking a work visa on your behalf. Completing this process correctly the first time is of utmost importance as denial can result in the applicant being forced to wait outside of the country separated from their family or employer.

It can be difficult and confusing to comply with the requirements of consular processing and to prepare all the required documents and forms. Each consulate has its own practices and procedures that each visa applicant must follow.

Attorney Ashley E. Lively will assist you in complying with the visa application requirements, ensure all forms and documents are correctly prepared and meet the government requirements. Additionally, she will prepare you for your consular interview and provide a packet of documents to take with you to the Consulate.  

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